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多样性、股票 & 包容

The Office of 多样性、股票 and 包容 works hard to ensure all students at Coe feel like they belong so they will flourish and succeed. 

为此, and in partnership with faculty and all of our colleagues at the college, we commit to creating meaningful opportunities to learn, providing welcoming spaces to live and socialize, and offering thoughtful and informed support and guidance when needed. Specific areas of focus include racial/ethnic diversity, religious and spiritual life, LGBTQIA+ inclusion and internationalism. At Coe each student matters and your experience at Coe is important to us. If at any point you have questions, needs or concerns, please know that we are here for you. We will be your friend, advocate, mentor and greatest encourager.

Several Coe students hanging out in the intercultural center

Randall Intercultural Center

This large space includes plenty of seating, 研究领域, 一个计算机实验室, full kitchen and A/V technology. It seeks to welcome students from all backgrounds and serves as a place where students can hang out, have meetings and enjoy a strong sense of belonging.

Coe student standing in front of the chalk wall in the intercultural center

Queer Resource Center

This suite serves as a comfortable gathering space for our LGBTQAI+ student population and as a resource center for all who wish to learn more about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Programs, Initiatives and Campus Spaces:

反映房间 — This space serves as a location for students to practice individual prayer, meditation and relaxation. The massage chair makes this room a popular place to find peace and de-stress.

Coehort 取向 — The Coehort 取向 is a program that invites students who self-select themselves as students of color to an early orientation program prior to the all-student orientation. This orientation gives these students the opportunity to interact with one another, move into their residential hall early, 见到教授, learn about the tutoring program, be introduced to the 大学可能 staff and introduce them to the upper class mentoring/student support program that is designed to equip these students with additional tools and support to be successful Kohawks.    

Coehort Mentor Program  — This peer mentoring program connects students who come from underrepresented groups with mentoring student leaders. Many of these mentors participated in the Coehort 取向 and have become mentors through this program.

拉丁美洲人的节日 — Cedar Rapids and Iowa City have a family-friendly festival featuring live Latin music, 跳舞, a colorful parade of Latin dress, ethnic food and activities.  The Office of 多样性、股票 and 包容 provides transportation to and from these events.

National Hispanic Heritage Month — National Hispanic Heritage Month is the period from September 15 to October 15 in the United States when people recognize the contribution of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the country's 历史, heritage and culture.  

Fall Harvest Festival — During fall break the Student Development Office invites students (staying on campus), faculty and staff to join together for a harvest dinner. The meal provides turkey, dressing, vegetables, desserts and more. This has become a yearly event.

历史制造商联欢晚会 — Once a year the African American Museum celebrates several individuals who through their existence and influence, 历史 is forever changed. This banquet is a great community celebration. Coe makes it possible to be well-attended by our students, faculty and staff.

Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and 多样性 Conference — We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday with a morning of reflection of his legacy. We celebrate with live music, opening words from President McInally and Dean of 学生 Marc' Bady. 学生, staff and faculty then reflect on the current state of people of color, share words from MLK Jr.’s speeches and share testimonies with each other. Everyone in attendance also has the option of their choice of four presentations focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. To round out the celebration, students are presented with the opportunity to do community engagement.

詹姆斯·H. Randall Cultural Mixer — This mixer is an excellent opportunity to gather faculty, staff and alumni of color from diverse and cultural organizations. We share some hors d'oeuvres, have some get-to-know-you events and end the evening discussing diversity issues that are relevant to today's concerns.

黑人历史月 — 黑人历史月 is a celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. 历史. Recently this month has been honored with an African American traveling (Iowa Civil Rights) display, literature and movie displays in the library, opportunity to visit the African American Museum, showing of the Academy Award-nominated movie "Loving," a Know Your Rights presentation, a presentation of Intersectionality and the Civil Rights and a soul food meal in the cafeteria. Black History is also American History.

National Women’s History Month — Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to 历史, culture and society. We celebrate this month to increase consciousness and knowledge of women's 历史. Women's History Month has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. We celebrate our great students, staff and faculty through presentations, books and movies as well as a Poetry Slam event led by our talented women poets.

A sampling of clubs and organizations

  • BSEO
  • Multicultural Fusion
  • Kohawk Indigenous 学生 and Allies
  • Nuestra称Coemunidad秘鲁
  • Coe联盟
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Japanese Student Association
  • 国际俱乐部
  • 亚裔美国人俱乐部
  • Coespanol
  • 信条
  • 盐公司
  • 同行部长



Assistant Director for Human 资源

Human 资源, 多样性 & 包容


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Director of International Student Affairs and Director of English as a Second Language Program

English as a Second Language (ESL), 多样性 & 包容


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Multicultural Affairs Coordinator

多样性 & 包容


Upper Gage Memorial Union

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